Embracing Empowerment: Taking Control of Your Aging Journey

In a society that often glorifies youth and associates aging with decline and shame, it’s essential to challenge this narrative and recognize that by acknowledging our aging journey and being thoughtful about how we want to age is powerful. We often think of youth as a goal, which is ludicrous.  I am older now than when READ MORE

What is a “Senior Move Manager”

If you have read the blog on “It’s Never to Early to Intentionally Declutter” then let me introduce you to a category of the aging industry called Senior Move Managers. No better person to explain what this amazing service can provide then a Senior Move Manager herself. Thank you to Jennie Alwood from “Here 2 READ MORE

It’s Never too Early to Start Intentionally Decluttering

For many of us aging also means an accumulation of STUFF. Whether our long- term goal is to stay in our home or downsize it is never too early to start intentionally decluttering. My dad used to be visibly appalled when my siblings and I would say we didn’t want my grandmother’s pride and joy READ MORE