What is a “Senior Move Manager”

If you have read the blog on “It’s Never to Early to Intentionally Declutter” then let me introduce you to a category of the aging industry called Senior Move Managers. No better person to explain what this amazing service can provide then a Senior Move Manager herself. Thank you to Jennie Alwood from “Here 2 Home” for her personal perspective on the role of a Senior Move Manager and why she finds value in the work that she does.

What is a Senior Move Manager?

Senior Move Manager’s (SMM) assist older people with the many many tasks needed to implement a successful later-in-life move. Whether a client is moving to be a part of a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) or a 55+ neighborhood or independent living apartments, many simply cannot do all the work by themselves. SMM’s assist through planning, downsizing, packing, overseeing movers, unpacking and hanging pictures. Downsizing is one of the biggest challenges and a SMM may be hired to guide the culling process by coaching people in choosing what to take and what not to take, then providing vetted resources for selling, consigning, donating, shipping small shipment to loved ones, or hauling away items no longer needed.

We shift the mindset that moving is an opportunity to be creative, that we are not destroying a home. We see this as a tremendous opportunity. Being mindful of your mindset can make the process much less stressful. It’s like this: all our lives we are writing the epic stories of our lives as expressed in our homes – details and details added to the epic tales! But now, later in life, we are asked to write haiku. It is time to choose your words and your things wisely.

culling my things now

joyfully, seeing new space

seems less is now more.

Jennie Alwood is the founding partner of Here to Home, Inc. and has implemented close to 900 senior moves since she began her business in 2008. In 2005 she helped her parents move from a three-story home to single-level living. “Old Arthur” (arthritis) was getting at her Dad’s knees and he just couldn’t make it up the stairs easily any more. She drew a floor plan, helping them decide what to keep and what to get rid of. The move was a breeze. In fact, the movers said it was one of the easiest moves they had ever accomplished! Upon reflection her mom said, “You know, you should do this for a living.” She knows to listen to her Mom, and the idea for “Here to Home” was born.

Visit us at www.here2home.com.

To learn more about Senior Move Managers and what they do, please visitwww.nasmm.org. You can find a SMM using your zip code.