When we are aging or an ally for someone who is aging, we are consistently presented with new situations where we need to make life changing decisions but lack the education to make them with confidence.

Having an Aging Advisor to help you evaluate your unique situation and then be there to guide you through all your options and choices will not only ensure you make the best decisions but will save you time and money during the aging journey.

After your Aging Readiness Evaluation you can book an Aging Advisor Appointment on your terms and as often as you desire. 

Complimentary Consultation

20- minute virtual appointment to learn more about Openly Aging and the service we provide our clients

Everyone starts here…Aging Readiness Evaluation

A virtual appointment that looks at the full picture of your unique situation. The evaluation identifies areas that need to be addressed immediately, action items and education on potential options and choices in the future.

Aging Readiness Evaluation includes:

✓ 90- minute virtual appointment 

✓ Report delivered 5 days after appointment

✓ 15 days of email consultation with Openly Aging 

Aging Advisor Appointment

After your Aging Readiness Evaluation you are able to schedule an Aging Advisor Appointment anytime you need additional guidance and support.

Aging Advisor Appointment includes:

✓ 60-minute virtual appointment

✓ Email with topics covered

✓ 3 business days of email consultation with Openly Aging